Remember Maine?

As the leaves start to fall, many of us remember the glorious summer days we spent in Maine, whether paddling along the Kennebec, watching the sun rise on Mount Desert Island, or cracking open a lobster on the dock as mosquitoes try to eat you alive. Mainly Maine, an exhibit at the Sherry French Gallery in Chelsea, New York, Sept. 3-27, will take you back.

The artwork in this show transports us to the rolling green hills and the rushing rivers of Maine — a place where serenity and peace of mind are found, a break from the business of city life. The paintings are an ode to the natural beauty and harmony found within the lush scenery of Maine.

Silvere Boureau of Yardley, Pa., is among the artists in the show. “As our planet becomes increasingly paved over with shopping malls, tract housing and six-lane roadways, time spent alone in the natural world becomes more and more of a special treat. No one knows this better than Yardley, Pa., resident Silvere Boureau, who packs up his paints and his kayak and heads off to his favorite spots in the Adirondack Mountains, Maine and the Pine Barrens,” I wrote about him last year during the exhibit The Road Not Taken at the D&R Greenway. “He skillfully captures not only the flora of the wilderness, but the light and the weather, so when viewing his murals in restaurants, on ceilings and living room walls, we can feel the cold and wet he endured for such revelry.”

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