Docents as Artists

To be a docent at the Princeton University Art Museum is something many art lovers in the Princeton area aspire to — and it’s not just because they get to eat lunch at Prospect House.

These docents start out with extensive art knowledge, but then undergo serious training from the museum. They lead insightful tours of the museum’s top-quality exhibitions. But did you know that many of the docents are artists themselves?

Laura Berlik, Cynthia Campbell, Sally Davidson, Claudia Fountaine, Dee Gozonsky, Joel Greenberg,  Millie Harford, Bill Hogan, Tara Kudra, Owen Leach, Wendel Lim, Lore Lindenfeld, Charles McVicker, Lucy McVicker, Vi Schonewald and Rebecca Vares-Ebert — these are the docent artists of the Princeton University Art Museum exhibiting work at the Erdman Gallery at the Erdman Center Sept. 8 to Oct. 17.

Painters, sculptors, photographers — all the docents are steeped in art history, but these artists can lead discussions and study groups with interpretations seen through an artist’s eye.

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One Response to Docents as Artists

  1. Carolyn Foote Edelmann says:

    Ilene, thank you! I would not have known re this opportunity to honor/celebrate all of these fine artists, especially Charles and Lucy (McVicker) who are so excellent as humans, as friends — as well as in their artistic gifts. They give so much to art in our community – to Princeton Artists Alliance and Garden State Watercolor Society (which will be exhibiting late this fall at D&R Greenway)– how they have time to paint, I’ll never know! I plan to visit and love being taught new places and new art!

    Congratulations on your lively blog – you who insisted that I become ‘the reluctant blogger’ – now thoroughly addicted to NJ WILD! Carolyn

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