Art Show Today

One of the highlights of the bike ride along the D&R Canal towpath from Lambertville to Frenchtown is stopping in at Ty Hodanish’s studio at Prallsville Mill. There’s a sign on the towpath, “Art Show Today,” but in fact Mr. Hodanish puts on his “show” every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6. There, in the old stone building, he is busy putting paint on canvas with a palette knife, surrounded by his wildly colorful scenes of the surrounding area — a kind of modern day Bucks County Impressionist.

When I walked in, he was telling two visitors, “It’s all about the color. Most people want to paint a picture, but what you’re really going after is the light and the mood. When Monet was painting the haystacks, he wasn’t interested in the haystack itself but in its color and the way it reflected the light.”

“So your secret is out!” I say. “Now I don’t have to take your class.”

“Ah, but that’s just the beginning,” he said. “I need to teach you how to get there.”

I look at the brochure and see the classes are only offered during the week. I tell him I’ll have to wait until I retire.

“You can take sick days,” he says. “I’ll write you a doctor’s note.”

To find out about his classes or his paintings, visit his website.

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One Response to Art Show Today

  1. Aamir Musharraf says:

    Beautiful paintings! Wha is the street address to Ty’s place?

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