October in Positano

Here’s your chance to spend a week in Positano, Italy, absorbing the beauty and ambience of the Mediterranean coast. Lambertville artists Gordon Haas and Colette Sexton will be leading two week-long workshops Oct. 4-10 and 11-17.

Known for his impressionistic landscapes of local scenes, Mr. Haas has traveled abroad and painted plein-air in Paris, Provence, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. Last spring he explored the beauty of the coastal town of Positano, with its dramatic cliffs and aquamarine Mediterranean waters.

Ms. Sexton completed a residency at the International School of Art in Montecastello, Italy and has painted extensively in Umbria. Her merging of Impressionism and Realism are aptly suited to capturing the vistas and street scenes of Italy.

There is a long history of the love of art between Lambertville and Positano and it all started with Edna Lewis 56 years ago. Ms. Lewis was the mother and mother-in-law to Michael and Peggy Lewis who resided in Lambertville and was instrumental in promoting the local art scene for over 40 years.

In 1952, Ms. Lewis fell in love with Positano and a year later founded the Positano Art Workshop, a school of painting and sculpture with students from all around the world. The mornings were dedicated to painting, sculpture and drawing, the afternoons full of exploration of scenery and swimming and the evenings were topped off with cocktails and exhibitions.

The Positano Art Workshop ended with Ms. Lewis’ death in 1972, but she gave one last gift to the town she loved — she willed her collection of art, which still hangs in the town municipal building. Last summer the Mayor of Positano, Domenico Marrone, dedicated a little square in front of the church of Santa Caterina in appreciation of her contribution and her dedication to making Positano world renowned for its art, beauty and culture.

The art connection between these two water towns was recently reignited when, in March, Mayor Marrone was invited to show his own original artwork at the Peggy Lewis Gallery at the Lambertville Public Library. Given the keys to the city by Lambertville Mayor David DelVecchio, there has been discussion that these two towns, a world apart in location, but kindreds in spirit, become Sister Cities.

Students in all skill levels and all mediums are welcome. There will be morning plein-air classes with Mr. Haas, whose seasoned methods of layering complimentary colors will be taught, and afternoon sessions with Ms. Sexton, who will share her skill at capturing the mood of a place with color and light.

Complete details and the full itinerary can be found on the artists’ websites:

www.gordonhaas.com; www.colettesextongallery.com

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2 Responses to October in Positano

  1. That’s a great story. The connection between the two towns wasn’t known to me, and loving both places it just adds to the charms of Lambertville.

  2. Bill Lewis says:

    Nice to see story about my grandmother

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