Beyond Quilts

This just in — Soyoo Parkhyunjoo Caltabiano will be leading a master workshop at the Arts Council of Princeton Sept. 6. If that name sounds familiar, Ms. Caltabiano is the amazing artist in the Return Home exhibit in the arts council’s new Paul Robeson Center for the Arts. With all the excitement of the new building’s opening, it may have been hard to focus on the artwork, but Ms. Caltabiano’s mixed media fabric college quilt stood out. Its two panels depict the traditional Korean house in which she grew up.

The enormous work — 84-by-100 inches! — is made up of scraps and bits of old garments her mother saved from her family of 10. Ms. Caltabiano’s mother cranked out clothing for the whole gang on her Singer sewing machine.

In the beautiful catalog for the exhibit, curated by Arts Council Executive Director Jeff Nathanson, Ms. Caltabiano writes: “My family grew up in a home filled with beautiful handmade items that, despite the painstaking care that went into their making, were taken for granted. I can now appreciate the beautiful environment that my parents created and would like to share my gratitude for and fond memories of this home with the Korean community. It is my hope that viewing my quilt will awaken in them similar memories of a past way of life that is fast disappearing.” The exhibit can be seen at the arts council through Sept. 13.

Ms. Caltabiano will discuss her techniques and give a demonstration of her process in the workshop. Participants should bring sewable fabrics as well as quilting tools. Some sewing machines will be provided and students are welcome to bring their own portable sewing machines.

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